Articles by Charis McGowan

Former Global Copywriter

The magic of tidying your digital files

Disorganized files and folders can add stress and time to your daily work life. Declutter with DAM to improve and strengthen your brand operations.

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Taxonomy, it's an art

Frustrated with folder systems? It's time to stop living in the dark ages of digital assets and use a taxonomy structure for your file management.

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5 alternative martech tools that will help you create amazing content

Go beyond the biggest names and explore alternative tools that may be better suited to your martech needs.

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How digital asset management helps brand managers

3 key ways that digital asset management can help brand managers spend more time on innovation, and less time on administration

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4 key lessons from trustworthy brands

4 key lessons on trust that every brand can learn from to secure a loyal customer following.

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How digital asset management helps content marketers

Click to learn how digital asset management can help content marketers share and use digital assets to collaborate efficiently and build a stronger brand

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