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Charis McGowan - Global Copywriter

Charis McGowan

Global Copywriter

The magic of tidying your digital files

Tidying-guru Marie Kondo accredits organization to an improved well-being. This is also relevant at work; the comfort of our digital space is just as important as our domestic surroundings. Taxonomy-based storage systems like digital asset management can help 'tidy' your digital belongings and allievate the stress of complex folder systems. Declutter with DAM for some peace of mind.

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Taxonomy, it's an art

Scientists have been using taxonomy systems for centuries, so there's no excuse to lag behind when it comes to organizing files. While folder systems can spiral out of control, taxonomy solutions provide a solid structure for companies to grow and dicover new possibilities and potentials. It's time to stop living in the dark ages of digital assets. 

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5 alternative martech tools that will help you create amazing content

Every company has a unique marketing strategy. That's why you should explore your options and go beyond the biggest names to build a martech stack that’s right for your needs. Then, all you'll have to do is create amazing content and scale, scale away.

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How e-Commerce is rebelling against tradition

To be successful in the e-Commerce industry, retailers have to stay on top of marketing trends and keep pace in the fast-changing digital content race. To reach the modern consumer, content marketing methods must depart from the conventional and embrace modern demands.

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How digital asset management helps brand managers

Brand managers are the ultimate multi-taskers and strategists, working with different team members on a cohesive marketing plan to achieve maximum brand value. We've narrowed down 3 key things to help brand managers maintain brand success.

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4 key lessons from trustworthy brands

It's a great thing to be confident in your brand, but it's more important to be realistic. A trustworthy brand is going to keep your clients coming back to you, over your competitors. We've taken a look at some of the most reputable brands out there, and narrowed down some of the key principles of building a trustworthy brand

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How digital asset management helps content marketers

Calling content marketers! Read here to find out how digital asset management can simplify everyday marketing operations, help your team collaborate efficiently and leave messy email threads firmly in the past.

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