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Briana Edmonds

What Can CRM Do for Your Business?

CRM (or Customer Relationship Management) is one of the biggest investments a company can make, and it also has one of the highest ROI’s of any marketing technology. 

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5 New Marketing Trends to Look Out For

The marketing landscape changes at the speed of lighting. Take a look at some of the newest trends!

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Why Your Brand is the Most Important Asset of Your Company

The brand is the core of all your marketing efforts. Done correctly, branding can instantly define what makes your product more desirable than similar products.

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8 Tricks to Be More Productive

Following your morning latte, you sit to answer the weekend’s mails. Scanning quickly through, you spot an email from a client.

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Featuring: Martine!

Meet Martine Niermans, our head of Customer Success. Martine has worked for Bynder since September 2014, but we already cannot remember a time without her. ‪

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Why Uncertainty Can Be Your Best Asset

As Apollo 11 launched, Neil Armstrong's heart peaked at 110 beats per minute. The stakes were high: a few years earlier, Armstrong’s friends and colleagues had lost their lives during the tragic Apollo 1 fire.

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Conferences You Simply Cannot Miss This Year!

Conferences are a great investment for all professionals, but even more so for marketers due to the nature of the marketing industry.

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How to Make Your Marketing Ideas Stand Out

Marketing is all about having content that will make sure your target audience is talking about the same ideas, events, and happenings. Get your marketing tactics to stand out from the crowd with these fresh ideas. 

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