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Brian Kavanaugh - US Marketing & Copywriting Strategist

Brian Kavanaugh

US Marketing & Copywriting Strategist

30% of working adults have 100+ files on their desktop

As we continue our fight in helping you conquer the digital clutter in your worklife, we recently surveyed 650 professionals about their own digital organization habits, with some surprising results. 

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Fighting digital clutter with productivity guru Deb Lee

Bynder teams up with productivity expert Deb Lee to bring you top tips on how to be more organized and productive in 2018, including a co-hosted webinar on January 25 to help you conquer the clutter for good.

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Going unlimited with Orbit Plus

Bynder Orbit Plus is all systems go! See how Orbit Plus can boost the productivity of your team with bundles of extra features and storage, so you can work without the limits. 

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Top 5 uses of DAM for fashion

How digital asset management helps fashion brands take control of their creative operations, getting content where it needs to go more efficiently. 

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5 content usage questions every marketing leader should be asking

Improving content operations is all about knowing what different software tools have to offer, and how they can integrate with your workflow, your company, and your brand. Here are five questions any marketing leader should be asking in order to optimize the content lifecycle

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The top 5 uses of DAM for tech companies

Tech companies can scale branding, enable sales teams, and increase knowledge sharing across the growing organization with an intuitive DAM tool.

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Could you explain your tech company to a middle schooler?

Bynder was thrilled to host the United Way's BoSTEM program for an afternoon to show middle schoolers from the area what it looks like to work in tech. 

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4 steps to overcome your omnichannel marketing challenges

Digital marketing becomes even hard with the amount of channels to consider, each with their own unique requirements for content and messaging. “Omnichannel marketing” is here to stay and like many things in marketing, what began as a buzzword is now top of mind for brand teams of all sizes. 

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4 ways DAM should improve content marketing operations

Content marketing processes can always improve as digital audiences demand more and more content. With a DAM, the speed, collaboration, execution, and consistency of your content marketing can improve almost immediately.

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Syncing creative and technology for brand consistency

Having a visual identity in 2016 means having an integrated, digital identity. The only way to achieve that is to sync up creative and technology teams with a cohesive ecosystem wherein multiple platforms are connected.

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