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Anneke Langhorst - Marketing Manager DACH

Anneke Langhorst

Marketing Manager DACH

3 tips and tricks to increase user adoption

Whether you're rolling out a new tool to a team of ten or 1000, achieving a high user adoption rate can be challenging, especially if you fail to engage your team from the first steps. Check out Bart's tips and tricks that will help you increase user adoption.

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How digital asset management helps customer marketing

Most buyers will trust peer-to-peer recommendations over other forms of advertising, which is why you should let your customers speak for you. Customer marketing can drive your brand campaigns and let your brilliance be known. Here's how digital asset management can help you create your most effective piece of marketing colleteral: the customer case study.

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Features Special: Top 5 “Hidden” Functionalities

At Bynder, we’re passionate about developing unique features that will make your life easier. Following a review of our features, we discovered that some of the smaller functionalities that offer significant value are being overlooked. Therefore, we want to share a selection of the five-must-know features, which you shouldn’t miss out!

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Why Brands Are Moving Towards Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising should be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy, if it isn't already. But in case you needed more convincing, here are three reasons why you should go mobile.

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Instagram Ads: A New Tool for Brand Storytelling

We took a look at what the new Instgram Ads mean for brands.

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New Features September 2015

This month we’ve added some handy new features to our Digital Asset Management and Creative Project Management modules, including a brand new annotations tool. Watch our new features video now.

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New Features August 2015

This month, we’ve released a new security feature, Two Factor Authentication (2FA), and we’ve made updating multiple files even easier with our Mass Version Updater.

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New Features July 2015

Every day working at Bynder is another day of making our product more dynamic, innovative and future-proof. Your Bynder Brand Portal is now available in Arabic and we’ve added some handy features to your Digital Asset Management module.

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[5 Ways] to Build an Innovative Company Culture

One of the most important elements of your company’s success is the company culture. Take a look at the five ways to begin building your own innovative culture. 

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4 Simple Steps To Create a Successful Lead Nurturing Campaign

Lead nurturing campaigns give your company the ability to cultivate a relationship with your customer base. Get the most out of your customers with the 4 steps to running a successful lead nurturing campaign. 

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