It’s easy to become overwhelmed by digital clutter in today’s technology-first world, which is why we believe everyone needs an easy way to manage their digital files without breaking the bank. 

That’s why we’ve reinvented digital file organization with Bynder Orbit, the fastest and easiest way to professionally manage all of your images, videos, documents and more—for free.

Based on our signature Bynder flagship platform, Orbit is a free, self-service tool for small teams to securely store, manage and share creative files in a custom branded portal. With Orbit you can take control of your growing mass of digital files, today.



From the modern marketer to the adventurous travel blogger—nobody should waste time searching through desktop folders, emails and external hard drives. Orbit’s AI-powered search and metadata filters simplifies and reduces the time spent organizing, searching for, and finding your creative files. So you can spend less time looking and more time creating, whatever that may be.

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75% of SMB marketers told us that they struggle to share the right digital files when they need them. But this shouldn’t be a burden to any marketer’s day. Orbit improves collaboration and helps you effortlessly (and safely) share your digital files—whether it’s a word document or a collection of images—to an individual person or a group, both inside and outside of your organization.



Orbit is a free product, but that doesn’t mean you cannot customize your portal to match your brand identity. Your creative files are an expression of your brand, so celebrate that individuality by uploading a logo or dressing your portal in your brand colors, for a professional brand experience.


Modern branding professionals work with a variety of tools in a given day, and your file manager should complement those technologies. Connect your Orbit account to our pre-built integration tools and products, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Slack, Hootsuite, and Drupal, to make sure your creative files are always where you need them.

Your digital files deserve better than messy folders and hard-to-find drives, so setup your Orbit account in just minutes for the easiest way to professionally manage your files.

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