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Using DAM for digital preservation and nostalgia marketing

With nostalgia marketing being so popular these days, now more than ever it's important to make sure you keep hold of old content to inspire fresh ideas and repurpose old ones. See how digital asset management can help with digital preservation.

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How Nautilus saves time and designs better with Bynder

"The ROI of Bynder is seen in the time it saves us, the increased number of assets in circulation, and the improved productivity of our design operations."

Fitness giant Nautilus share their own experiences of using Bynder to manage their creative content. 

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How digital asset management helps design teams

The biggest pain point for many creative teams is achieving balanced efficiency: meeting deadlines but producing the best design outcome. Scaling back the time spent laboring over administrative tasks will create more room for creativity—and this is where digital asset management (DAM) can help.

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5 tips for preparing digital assets for ingest

Importing your organization's digital files to a DAM doesn't need to be a hassle. By following our top tips, you can make sure the upload process is plain sailing. 

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Commodity branding: How to create a world-famous brand with toilet paper

Brand consultants love a challenge, which is why, around a year ago, there was somewhat of a furor in our department when a well-known German toilet paper manufacturer called to book a consultation session...

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One step closer to the end of downloads

Bynder is big on integrations, and we're aiming to create a completely download-free digital asset lifecycle for our users in 2018.


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5 brands showing the world how chatbots should really be done

Many of today's brands are taking advantage of the latest developments in chatbot technology with some pretty impressive results. See our selection of 5 brands that are setting the gold standard for chatbots in 2018.

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Building a business case for DAM: How to become an Influencer

Anyone can lead a DAM project from start to finish with the right attitude and know-how. See how you can become a DAM champion and build a convincing business case for digital asset management at your own organization.

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A brave new world: the story of brand activism and the audience who expects more

Do you feel compelled to right the post-Brexit, post-Trump, and post-#metoo wrongs of today? If so, we're willing to bet that you also want the brands you engage with to feel a similar compulsion, right?

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Bynder and Webdam; tech’s new power couple

Bynder is happy to announce our acquisition of fellow digital asset management provider, Webdam, in an exciting new partnership for the DAM industry. Welcome to the team Webdam!

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